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About us

Kon-Trade+ Kft. welcomes you with respect!

The Kon-Trade+ Kft. was founded in 1996 as the successor of Kon-Trade Bt. The German company Leybold’s representative and the company’s authorised repair workshop have been in existence since 1979, at that time, under the possible operational frameworks. Even before the change of regime, despite of the industrial production’s crisis at that time, we succeeded at starting up our company and widening the number of our customers.

Our company continued its activity initially at a leased site at the Mechanical Works Industrial Park and then at the ISG site in Budaörs. In 2002 in the area of ISG, as well as later on BITEP’s site we started building our wholly-owned establishment. The construction of the new site was completed in 2003 and in the building’s more than two hundred square metres basic area, where besides of the undertaken vacuum technological servicing operations we can also take on independent, purpose-equipment production as well. The sales await the customers’ interest in a new office with its up-to-date infrastructure. We’re constantly upgrading our site: the building has received new thermal insulation; we replaced our heating system to a modern heat pump system and using the building’s fortunate location on our roof we installed a mini solar power plant, which at the moment produces 12kW of energy.

Nowadays the Kon-Trade+ Ktf. has become a significant factor in the indigenous vacuum technological industry. The several hundred millions of HUF annual turnover and its continuous increase clearly demonstrates the satisfaction of our clients and the commitment of our employees. Now not only can we be of our customers’ disposal by marketing vacuum technological equipment, repairing the malfunctioning devices during and after the warrantee period; but we can also design special-purpose vacuum technical machines and tools. After the reorganization of company Leybold, the most important successor companies’ representation and service will be carried out by Kon-Trade+ Kft. as well.

These are:
⦁ Oerlikon Leybold Vakuum GmbH. – Köln
⦁ Bühler /Leybold Optics/  – Alzenau
⦁ Inficon GmbH. – Köln / Balzers
⦁ UIC GmbH. – Alzenau-Hörstein

Our custom-made density testing production lines operate at several domestic refrigerator manufacturing sites, but are also available at automotive supplier companies. These automatic devices were built on the equipments manufactured by Leybold and Inficon, with computer control and specific software, made with domestical planning, representing the current state of art appropriate technical standard.

In 2018 with Atomki’s physicists we developed a leakage detection tool running on new principles, which can detect leakage errors without the usage of test gas, with the help of air. Since then we have patented this procedure.

Of course, in case any question comes up regarding the subject of vacuum technology we will gladly be at your service with our specialist advice.

Adam Lovics