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On the 3rd of May 2019, the Leybold will introduce the NOVARDY, the dry screw vacuum pumps’ new type. This 100% oil-free vacuum pump was made especially for the food & packaging technological industry, which revolutionises this market. According to the food hygiene principles, with the development of dry pump in favour of the food security the Leybold with NOVARDY’S vacuum pumps has become reference value. On the IFFA sale, from May 3rd to May 9th in Frankfurt, the NOVARDY has been introduced. It includes four different vacuum pump sizes (ND 65 – 100 – 160 – 200). The pump family is ready for orders after this event has started.

Such materials, like the sales brochure, presentations, planting drawings, opportunities of usage and others are available:
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Leakage detectors


The new PHOENIX car makes it possible to build special pre-assembled leakage detector cars. The leakage detector’s versions, its different combinations, vacuum pumps and accessories, like the partial flow system can be combined to be perfectly suitable for the customers’ needs. Depending on the application or the procedure, the large oil lubricated or dry pre-vacuum pumps’ combination is possible, ready to go. These cars can be ordered by one piece and can be fully assembled with all of the accessories. Our customers only need to unpack it and can start the testing right away.


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